Rainforest House, Brahmpuri,  Rishikesh is a very special place, built with love by Steve and his wife Trupti. The
guesthouse is hidden away from the bustle of the town and nestles into the banks of the Ganga. I spent 10 days of
relaxation that felt endless and as their very first guest I was spoiled rotten.  This was my first trip to India and my
hosts were eager to show off this magnificent place. Whatever your reason for coming to this holy place this area will
not  disappoint you. If its yoga or a spiritual retreat you’re after Rainforest House is the perfect destination or if like
me its a chance to unwind and enjoy some of the breathtaking scenery  then there are plenty of other activities to
experience  this gateway to the Himalayas.

The house is very newly built and the exterior a little rough around the edges still, but each room is remarkably
luxurious. Cool rooms, each with tiled flooring and a sumptuous wet room, complete with writing desk and ornate
lamps for you to write down your thoughts each day while sitting on your private  balcony overlooking the Ganga and
listening to the birds in the trees and the calls of monkeys. At night the waterfall that cascades down the bank lulls
you into a dreamy sleep and being woken to a knock on your door to the finest cup of coffee is a simple luxury that
never failed to please me!

The plot of land itself is a wonder, spend your days reading and head down to the Ganga to sit on a rock and watch
the sun dancing off the water, the calm only interrupted momentarily by the white water rafters, stopping to jump off
the ‘Jumping rock.’ An initiation to India and one to try, but not for the fainthearted, it’s high! As lunch time comes
around prepare your senses for the delicious home cooked Indian food lovingly prepared by Mukesh and delivered by
Niraj, whatever your preferences, they will be happy to oblige. They also do a mean Pizza!

As the last days turned to sunset I felt a pang of loss. I now understand why people up and leave the west for a new
way of life and an Indian way of life is too simple and beautiful to put into words. I didn’t come for a spiritual
awakening, but found it almost impossible not to leave refreshed physically and mentally.